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Every supply chain business deserves world-class optimization


Most companies make do with a standard planning solution that is far from ideal when their planner tries to solve a complex planning puzzle. Some companies even undertake a protracted and difficult project to force fit a better solution within their transactional systems. And even though technology advances in leaps and bounds, supply chain optimization has lagged behind. But not anymore. Now you can have world-class supply chain optimization at your fingertips… because that is precisely More Optimal’s mission. Read on to find out how we provide ‘more optimal’ future-proof solutions.


A low-code platform specifically for planning and optimization

More Optimal’s mission was clear… develop a low-code SaaS platform specifically for supply chain planning and optimization. So far, it is the only such platform on the market. Future-proofing our platform was paramount. Early in our history, we developed planning applications at our customers’ sites. We evolved our early development methodology so our implementation partners can easily utilize the low-code configuration in the More Optimal platform. Our partners create perfect-fit planning solutions for their customers that can evolve over time with their business.



Curious how More Optimal can help you?

More Optimal?

Good, better, best… and the best means ‘optimal’, right? Yes, in a static situation. And no… because your business must change with the times! Every aspect of your business evolves… customer needs, business growth, increased competition, market price pressure, and so much more.



In our early years, our customers asked us to improve their operation’s efficiency. They wanted the most out of their operations and were more than happy with our solutions. We often heard, ‘you made our operations more optimal’. Hence the name. And as their businesses grew, we grew with them… as their businesses evolved, our low-code platform helped provide ‘more optimal’ solutions to their planning challenges.


So, yes, it’s quite possible to go beyond an ‘optimal’ solution… it simply improves over time as your business grows. And we are more than happy to see how our customers appreciate the extra effort we always take to exceed their expectations.



The More Optimal team

The More Optimal team has decades of experience creating supply chain planning solutions in many industries around the globe. We use a mix of consulting, technology and optimization that is ideally suited to creating the best planning solution vision for our customers. We support the consulting teams of our implementation partners when they generate the maximum added value with the solutions we deliver.

Management team


Anko van Kreij

Founder / Chief Technology Officer
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Coen Verberk

Founder / Chief Commercial Officer
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Wil Lamain

Chief Operations Officer 
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