Powerful optimization functionality at the tips of your fingers

As an implementation specialist or operations researcher you ensure that the data objects interface and customer-specialist rules are implemented. Your job is demanding enough without having to waste time dealing with OS-dependent tools. We have the answer. Focus on your core duties and leave the rest to the More Optimal platform.


Cloud hosted

The More Optimal platform is hosted in the cloud. Model your supply chain applications in your browser and allow your end users to contribute as well. Take advantage of smart algorithms and powerful visualization… what you see is what you get!

Platform features

IconCalculation engine

Calculation engine

The engine allows you to focus on your computations. Dependencies between calculated fields are automatically handled by the platform.
IconFlexible interfacing

Flexible interfacing

More Optimal provides extremely flexible interface configurations with external systems. It is also seamlessly integrated with Excel.


Supply chain modeling requires no code. You create specific calculations and visualizations using minimal and easy to understand code.


Our powerful algorithmic building blocks are fully integrated in the platform and can be used out of the box.


As a planner and modeler, gain even deeper insight into your data. The More Optimal platform provides rapid ad hoc reporting on all of your available data.

Limitless scalability

Serverless scaling allows you to run multiple algorithms in parallel. This ensures you can solve all of your supply chain conundrums, no matter how immense the scale.

Powerful visuals

Use maps, 3d visuals, and Gantt and other charts out of the box. As a modeler, you only need low-code to easily configure these charts and create custom visuals. And benefit and share these low-code solutions with other modelers in the More Optimal community.


Adjust planning logic and algorithms in the browser where they are used and immediately see the consequence of your changes in the user interface.

Data visualization examples


Layout optimization


Resource allocation


Workforce scheduling


Load optimization


Network planning


Detailed batching


Low-code platform enabling stable and quick results

Configure customer specific rules directly in your browser. You only need to use low-code (based on a small subset of JavaScript) and often no code at all. You can also configure powerful optimization and visualization features to use customer data in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. And applications are deployment-ready in weeks instead of months.

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