Case study

Layout optimization in warehouse pick process

Efficient warehouse operations are crucial for business success, and the picking process plays a crucial role. This case study highlights the impact of using More Optimal software for location assignment (put-away) in a medium-sized warehouse, resulting in a 20% reduction in pick distance and increased productivity.



reduction in picking distance


picker productivity increase




The challenge

The warehouse faced challenges in getting insights into the picking process inefficiencies as the WMS lacked heat map displays and scenario creation options. To improve efficiency and reduce costs, the management team decided to investigate picking optimization software.

After evaluating multiple options, the team chose More Optimal. Based on a sample dataset of one week of picking data, More Optimal quickly displayed heat maps and actual pick routes on the picking area layout. The software's algorithms were used to consider layout scenarios, including the impact of adding shortcuts and one-way traffic in busy aisles.

The More Optimal solution

Before optimization


The instant heatmap from More Optimal highlights the diversity of pick location frequency. The heatmap also displays one of the actual picklists and the picker's route, providing valuable insights into the picking process.

After optimization


The scenario above was improved by introducing a shortcut, relocating fastmovers close to the depot, and implementing one-way traffic in aisles with fastmovers to eliminate congestion.


The results

The implementation of More Optimal revolutionized the warehouse's picking process. Pick distance was reduced by 20%, resulting in shorter pick times and increased productivity. Regular use of More Optimal helps the warehouse to reoptimize the layout in response to changes such as seasonality, promotions, and assortment changes. The changes are automatically interfaced to the WMS, making the process seamless.

Pick area design demo

Learn how to quickly design an optimized pick area and minimize travel distance for orderpickers using the More Optimal platform in this 5 minute demo video

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